West Santa Barbara

West Santa Barbara

State Street cuts the city of Santa Barbara into east and west halves, with the Westside enjoying the plush oceanfront property. Although the Westside gets the pleasure of dancing in the sand with their close proximity to the beach, there is a far less glamorous urban part of the neighborhood that exists as well.

What once was open grazing range and farmland is now densely developed, and parts of the neighborhood are a bit over-populated. Bounded by State Street and the ocean on east and west sides, and by the mesa on the north, this neighborhood has pockets of wealth but also pockets of poverty.

Residency in the Westside neighborhood of Santa Barbara is highly sought after for two reasons: both its proximity to the beach and downtown, and its potential for relatively inexpensive rent and or house payments. The Westside is definitely the most densely populated neighborhood in Santa Barbara due to these two reasons.

Transportation throughout this neighborhood is very convenient due to the public transit system. MTD busses can be caught on pretty much any corner. Bikes are a primary method of transportation as well as walking.

Pershing Park sits at the bottom of the mesa and offers space for recreational activities complete with raucous fans. Any night of the week you’re sure to find a co-ed softball game or competitive baseball game happening at Pershing.

A plethora of inns and hotels have sprouted up all over what is known as West Beach, providing luxurious amenities for all out of towners. The beach is always just across Cabrillo Boulevard, which is the main street that skirts along the ocean.

West Beach and the lower west are much more affluent. The upper Westside and downtown portion of this neighborhood are much more affordable.

Because this neighborhood sits next to Santa Barbara City College, you’ll find a lot of college aged people living here, kids looking for cheap rent and easy beach access. Low income families tend to occupy the denser portion of the Westside and all the oceanfront property has been gobbled up by the wealthier folks. Not only is the Westside the most densely populated neighborhood in Santa Barbara, it’s also the most diverse, both economically and racially. There’s something for everyone here.