Upper East

Upper East

The Upper East neighborhood of Santa Barbara has been the crown jewel of the city with the most sought after homes for decades. The houses are outstandingly large and impressive. Intricate. Beautiful. Sopping with character and intrigue. The embellished yards are groomed to perfection. And it’s quiet.

One can only dream of living in the Upper East. Driving through it is a pleasure in and of itself, gazing upon the glamorous houses, drowning in drool as you dream about what you would do with all that square footage.

The Santa Barbara Mission sits center stage amidst this audience of upscale homes, providing a performance fit for a standing ovation every time. With a rose garden and a picturesque backdrop of mountains and blue sky, the mission steals hearts daily. Established in the 1700’s, the mission has been added onto and rebuilt three times. Now she stands in all her glory, increasing the property value of all of those around her.

Many of the homes in the Upper East neighborhood are of historical or architectural significance, so significant that the Pearl Chase Society offers annual walking tours of the neighborhood. Most of the houses are set back from the street with tall hedges for privacy and to help eliminate noise pollution. But you can still manage to get a peek.

Both Alice Keck Park and Alameda Park (also known as Kid’s World) are included in the Upper East. Roosevelt Elementary sits just down the way from the mission, and there are also several churches in the area. For the most part this neighborhood is very serene, very put together, almost like the watchful grandmother of the city. Sitting in the corner, rocking lackadaisically, soaking in the admiration of those around it, and treasuring those that choose to hop into its lap.