The name probably rings a bell because it was the title of a TV show on the WB, an American drama series, that only aired for two seasons.

But really, it’s a very small town sandwiched in between Montecito and Carpinteria. It’s coastal and quaint and even smaller than its small neighbors. Which would constitute it as tiny.

Known for it’s antique shopping, there’s quite the elderly crowd here, but with their wealth of bed and breakfasts and delightful hotel accommodations, many tourists play here too.

You’ll know you’re here when you spot the giant Big Yellow House from the highway. A couple of the letters have fallen off the sign since it was built in 1889, but it’s a must-see and explore landmark of the central coast.

Summerland Beach Café is something you’ve got to try upon passing through. They run the business out of a nineteenth century Victorian home, which is just neat. Enjoy the warm local atmosphere, great food, and incredible service. Plus, you really do get the most bang for your buck because their portions are pretty incredible.

The Summerland beach is delightful and not often crowded. Horse-back riders mosey along occasionally and dog-walkers pass through, but you can certainly enjoy a nice nap and a good book without being bothered.

Reminiscent of a New England village, Summerland has charm and warmth and a splendid experience awaiting all of those who visit.