Montecito is one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Try that one on for size. Oprah has a house here. That’s how wealthy it is.

The boundaries of the city aren’t that cut and dry but the population lies around 10,000 and the busiest and most notable roads are Hot Springs Road, Sycamore Canyon Drive, East Valley Road, and Coast Village Road. The rest of the streets in the neighborhood are narrow and windy, slithering serpent-like through the small town. It’s very easy to get lost here because the dichotomy of tiny streets is stressful to navigate, especially when you’re constantly feeling watched, like you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be, with all those mirrors on poles and hidden security cameras.

Most of the multi-million dollar estates lie tucked away from the pesky public. They all have their giant castle like pillars and gates and scratchy intercoms. All that’s missing are the moats and alligators. If you’re a tourist, it’s worth the risk of being caught on candid camera, just to catch some glimpses of the glitzy homes in this little city. If you’re looking to move here, you already know people who know people that invited you into the club. So welcome.

There are a couple schools in Montecito, both of them private of course. They include Montecito Union and Crane Country Day School. One requires the students to wear uniforms. The other doesn’t. Both provide incredible education. As they should considering you’ll be paying the price of a college tuition to get your kid through kindergarten.

Montecito is also home to two very pricey institutes of higher education, both Westmont College and Brooks Institute, formerly known as Brooks Institute of Photography. Westmont is a private Christian liberal arts school with about 1,200 students studying there and an average class size of eighteen. It’s small and intimate, and priced accordingly. Brooks Institute has two campuses, one in Santa Barbara and one in Ventura, and offers four majors, two certificate programs, and two graduate programs. The Santa Barbara campus offers a major in professional photography and a master of fine arts in photography.

Just down the way from these two academic locales is Coast Village Road, the hot spot for high end shopping. Fresh boutiques and fine dining establishments line the city of Montecito’s main thoroughfare, beckoning you in with their twinkling lights and pristine décor.

Some of the nation’s classiest resorts are in Montecito, namely the Four Seasons Biltmore, San Ysidro Ranch, and the Montecito Inn. With amenities fit for a queen, it’s no wonder John and Jackie Kennedy shared their honeymoon here.

Montecito is home to Butterfly Beach, The Coral Casino, and the old guy from Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd. It’s pleasant. It’s peaceful. It’s lush and luxurious. And dripping with money. Come see for yourself.