Mission Canyon

Mission Canyon

Discreetly tucked away, Mission Canyon declares exactly who they are in their title. All the residents live in a valley, or canyon, near Mission Santa Barbara. Shrouded in trees, the homes here enjoy shade and peaceful privacy.

Mission Canyon is located just north of the city and is also home to the highest peak in the Santa Ynez Mountains, La Cumbre Peak. Highway 192 (Foothill Road) passes through the southern portion of the neighborhood, and Mission Canyon Road cuts through from north to south. Tunnel Road is anther notable street in the neighborhood as it leads to the plethora of outstanding hiking opportunities that are available here in Mission Canyon. Hike for as long or as short as you like, as there are trails at all levels of intensity and lengths of time.

This neighborhood has character. A lot of the homes here have very unique and interesting styles of architecture and are really fun to look at and admire. Sometimes they’re hard to find due to the thick forestry, but when you do succeed in snatching a peek, you just might lose your breath.

Rocky Nook Park is nearby just across from the mission and provides for a lazy day outside. Rocky Nook offers lots of benches and nice quiet shaded areas to relax and just be still. And they’ve got lots of trails here as well if you’d like to go for a short walk.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is also just behind the mission and provides a fun and informative day trip for the whole family. Also, the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens are just a couple miles down Mission Canyon Road if you’re interested in the native plant and tree life of the city.

The Tennis Club of Santa Barbara is located just past the Foothill Road and Mission Canyon Road intersection, in case you’d like to become a member upon arrival in Santa Barbara. The club has lessons for all ages and a competitive environment for those that are interested in taking on an opponent.

Mission Canyon offers some pretty spectacular views to its residents with both mountains and ocean in such close proximity. And on top of the vibrant views, no residential neighborhood in the city of Santa Barbara provides a richer historical background than that of the delightful Mission Canyon.