Santa Barbara Weather

Santa Barbara Weather

Santa Barbara is known as the American Riviera, primarily due to its Mediterranean climate. We have near perfect weather year-round. The average temperature is about 65 to 70 degrees and the sun is pretty much always strutting its stuff along the Santa Barbara coastline.

Fairly often the marine layer creeps in late at night, but it flees the scene once early afternoon arrives. The presence of the marine layer makes for some pretty superb morning beach walks and exercise time. The cool moist air is incredibly refreshing and although the views aren’t that great, the dramatic appearance of the sun just after lunch makes for an epic mood swing and an ecstatic finish to the day. Sometimes the sun and the clouds play peek-a-boo but it seems to keep the attitude of the city quite hopeful. The sun always wins out in the end.

We don’t really have seasons here in Santa Barbara. Southern California in general is lacking in the seasonal department. There’s the slightly more chilly, a little bit more dreary winter, and the awesomely warm, spry, and sunny summer. Fall and spring sort of blend into the mix. Sporadic rains throughout the winter instantly coat the foothills in blankets of green. And since we’re still recovering from some pretty drastic summer wildfires of years past, the re-growth is pretty magnificent. We’ve got lots of creeks and falls and streams cutting into the foothills of Santa Barbara, so you can always enjoy a day hike with the soothing sounds of running water caressing your body.

Suggestions for staple items in a Santa Barbara day bag include a sun hat and some sunscreen because although there may not be a hole in the ozone layer above our city, skin cancer runs just as rampant here as any other place. With such a young college aged demographic, everyone is out to get more tan, and since the sun is always out to play, our skin is taking a beating. Take care and lather up before hitting the outdoors. Even when it’s overcast, those UV rays are still ravaging your skin.

The weather here in Santa Barbara is half of what draws in the large tourist crowd, and it’s what inclines people to move here. The other half is the ocean of course. The two together are a double whammy. If you’re visiting, you’ll never want to leave. And if you’re looking to move here, well you might be staying awhile. The population is always growing here in Santa Barbara because everyone wants a piece of Riviera pie. It’s perfection I tell ya.

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