Welcome to Santa Barbara

Welcome to Santa Barbara

Welcome to Santa Barbara! Well, the closest you’ll get to Santa Barbara without actually being here. Perhaps you’re a tourist looking for the hot spots to hit on a quick visit, or maybe you’re seeking to buy a home in this luxurious and laid back city; no matter your purpose, we’ve got answers for you.

Santa Barbara is often called “The American Riviera” for its balmy temperatures and coastal location. Regardless of the season, it’s most often sunny in Santa Barbara, after about one o’clock in the afternoon of course, when the marine layer has burned off.

The city is located less than two hours north of Los Angeles, just south of San Luis Obispo, with the Santa Ynez Mountains to the east and the Channel Islands to the west. We’ve got it all here in Santa Barbara. The topography of this town just might knock your socks off. It’s okay, because you won’t need them here anyway.

Santa Barbara is not only a prime vacation destination with its endless beaches and plethora of resorts and attractions, it’s also quite academic. The city’s five institutions of higher learning account for the very large college age demographic. We’ve got the University of California Santa Barbara, which is quite misleading because it’s actually located in Goleta, a suburb just north of Santa Barbara. Then there’s Santa Barbara City College that sits on the bluffs of what’s known here as “The Mesa.” And we’ve also got three very private, very expensive colleges known as Westmont, Antioch University, and Brooks Institute of Photography. The posh twenty-somethings that stroll the streets of this city make for a carefree and light-hearted spirit. It’s contagious. Slightly epidemic. Feel free to get infected.

Yes, this town is teeming with venerable seniors too, as they retire into luxury homes in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains. With not much else on their plates, aside from the heaping portions of country club tennis and golf, and high-end tea parties, the aura of the elderly also adds to the infectious carefreedom. Who wouldn’t want to grow old and even die here, with the sun sparkling in your eyes and dancing upon your skin.

We’ve got the young, we’ve got the old, but we’ve also got the in betweenies, as couples seek to raise their families here. There are several safe and pleasant neighborhoods in which to settle and start a new life. Maybe not a new life, but more like a new lifestyle.

Santa Barbara is hip. It’s cool. It’s the place to be. Keep browsing this guide to get a deeper understanding of what makes this city so desirable and what to do once you’ve acquired it. Whether temporarily or permanently, we’ve got the tips you need to feel like a local.

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