Santa Barbara Culture

Santa Barbara Culture

We’ve got a lot of flavor here in Santa Barbara. A lot of different flavors. All savory. All desirable, delectable, divine.

Performing Arts. Tourism. Restaurants. Museums. Parks. Media. We’re modern. We’re popular. More than just popular, we’re famous, actually. Everyone wants a piece.

Our performing arts venues are an experience in and of themselves, not even considering the performing art that goes down there. There’s The Arlington Theatre, which is the largest indoor performing arts venue in Santa Barbara, seating about 2,000. Catch a movie, a stand up comic, a concert, or a highly acclaimed public speaker. They’ve got it all going on at The Arlington. The tallest building in Santa Barbara is The Granada, which was remodeled and re-opened in March of 2008. Symphonies, ballets, concerts, something capable of moving you to tears will be found there. The Lobero is another historical performing arts venue located in the heart of downtown. It’s smaller and more intimate. The Santa Barbara Bowl takes the cake with it’s amphitheater setting chiseled into the base of the Riviera. Catch all the mainstream famous artists there.

Tourism makes up a part of the culture here in Santa Barbara as well. We’ve got all sorts of accents floating around and at any given time tons of them will be scampering down State Street. This magical place brings globetrotters in droves.

The restaurants and the shopping and of course the ocean, all call for a laid back lackadaisical vibe in this city. The culture is hip, fresh, lively, and carefree. Most that reside here are creatively inspired. Art of some form, any form, thrives here. Photography. Music. Graphic Design. Computer programming and web design. Drawing. Painting. Sculpting. Writing.

Our heritage thrives here as well, making its presence known throughout the land. Spanish is threaded through the architecture with our red tiled roofs and historic paseos. Native American plays a hand at the Chumash Casino. We’ve got heritage parks, and heritage houses, and loads of historic monuments all over the city. There’s no denying who we are and where we’ve come from. With the mission as our mascot, we’ve certainly got flavor and everyone wants a taste of it.

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