Santa Barbara Shopping

Santa Barbara Shopping

Paseo Nuevo

This shopping mall sits center stage amidst an entire audience of boutiques and restaurants and all sorts of consumerist mayhem. Macy’s and Nordstrom play the lead roles in this performance, with shops like Express, Gap, American Eagle, and PacSun as supporting actors. If you’re looking for more than just a shopping spree, there’s a movie theater and a frozen yogurt shop that features live entertainment most nights of the week.

Paseo Nuevo is an open air cluster of shops and fun stores that will tend to all your deepest needs. Located in downtown Santa Barbara on the famous State Street, this mall’s got it all. And whatever it doesn’t have, you can certainly find at one of the plethora of stores that reside on State Street.

Camino Real Marketplace

Home Depot. Costco. Staples. Ross. Albertson’s. Sports Authority. That’s all you need right? Well the Camino Real Marketplace has all those and more. With restaurants like The Hollister Brewing Company, Kahuna Grill, Chili’s, and the largest movie theater in town, it’s no wonder the marketplace is always swarming with people.

Also, every Sunday from 9am to 2pm, the farmer’s market is available for all your fresh and healthy needs. Local growers bring in fruits, vegetables, flowers, and all sorts of other goods just for you. Come browse the stands and perhaps hit up a matinee movie afterward.

The Camino Real Marketplace is just north of Santa Barbara in Goleta, and K-Mart is just across the road, in case you need it.

Five Points at La Cumbre Shopping Mall

The La Cumbre Five Points shopping center is the largest mall in Santa Barbara. There’s Macy’s and Sears, Blockbuster and Ross. There’s J. Krew and Big 5 and Petco. And Massage Envy, a wonderful massage parlor. Become a member. It’s worth it.

Fresco is one of the tastiest restaurants in Santa Barbara and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is one of the classiest. They both live in Five Points, along with several other very yummy local and independently owned restaurants.

It’s called Five Points because the 3800 block of upper upper State Street is shaped like a trapezoid. With five points. Clever.

The parking near Alberston’s is monotonous so prepare yourself to be driving in circles for awhile hunting for the next available free spot. The parking near Macy’s and Sears is far more conducive to a stress free afternoon.

State Street Shopping

State Street is what Santa Barbara is known for. State Street is where it all goes down. All the classiest stores, all the most delectable restaurants, the hottest night clubs, and the most eclectic people are found on this long stretch of road that cuts the city in half.

There’s upper State, which is a little less crazy, a little more relaxed, with a lot of very nice sit down restaurants. Old Navy and Santa Barbara Outfitters hang out up there along with the historic Arlington and Granada Theatres.

Lower State is where the party’s at. As you walk the red brick paths you’ll hear accents from all over the globe. Every other doorway is a bar or nightclub and sandwiched in between those are the boutiques and fun stores to shop. The nightlife in Santa Barbara is a force to be reckoned with and the shopping takes the cake, icing and all.

Don’t be misled by the State Street exit off Highway 101. That’s upper upper State. To get to the heart of Santa Barbara, take the Carillo Exit to downtown. There you’ll find the heartbeat of this city.

Montecito Coast Village Road

Coast Village Road is expensive. Very classy and expensive. All the affluent fellows that reside in the well to do town of Montecito shop there. So if you’re looking to drop a lot of cash on some high quality products, you might want to check this place out.

There are some great restaurants here as well like Cava with the exquisite blue agave tequila margaritas and Los Arroyos with the live harp player. Then there’s Lucky’s, fine dining to the extreme, and Little Alex’s with quick good Mexican food. Whodiddly’s Cupcakery just opened so you must stop by for a sweet.

Once you’ve had your fill of food and shopping, head around the corner to the notorious Butterfly Beach and take a peek at the swankified Biltmore Hotel. You’ll certainly spot a celebrity and the Biltmore Wall is a perfect picnic spot.