Solvang and Ostrichland

Solvang and Ostrichland

Only about forty minutes north of Santa Barbara, there lies an incredible little Danish town known as Solvang, affectionately nick-named California’s “Little Denmark.” The Danish architecture and thatched roofs will throw you right into the scene of a movie; it seems that way at least. Buzzing with tourists, this place is joyful and fun, always alight with contagious giggles and food-induced contentment.

The warm aroma of fresh baked goods wafts throughout the town as you stroll and window shop. The toy stores are full of hand-made imported toys from Denmark and you can even fit yourself out in a traditional Danish ensemble. Indulge and let your taste buds run rampant as you treat them to these foreign savory delights. And make sure you’ve got your camera ready because some of these outfits are pretty outlandish.

Because Solvang is part of the luscious Santa Barbara wine country, the wine selection is quite astronomical. Feel free to grab a glass and have a nice Danish dinner among friends, family, or a significant other. Solvang boasts of a whopping 340 days of sunshine annually, so any time is prime time in Little Denmark.

Just between Santa Ynez and Solvang is the wondrous Ostrichland. Acres and acres of ostriches that you can feed and pet and gaze upon. They wander around the vast savannah as if they’re in their own native habitat. Although it does cost a small entry fee to get in, the dollars are worth the memories you will make in this place. Ostriches. Giant, silly, incredible birds. If only you were able to saddle up and ride one, then this place would be everyone’s dream come true. Although you can’t purchase a piggy-back ride, you can buy your very own box of ostrich burgers as a souvenir. Go ahead and satisfy your curiosity. You’ve always wondered haven’t you?
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