Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens

Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens

Although Santa Barbara can’t be considered metropolitan due its smaller size, we do have our own zoo. Our own zoo full of lions and tigers and bears and oh my, we once had a crooked necked giraffe. Us locals still mourn her death but there are plenty of other giraffes to gaze upon at this wildlife gala.

Foxes, and flamingos, gorillas and gibbons, the Santa Barbara zoo has got them all. Just what you need to force those oohs and ahhs right out of you. Watching wild animals is just fun. Being able to analyze their behavior and enjoy their company is obviously something you can’t just do anywhere you like.

Zoos provide great fun for children and adults alike. The Santa Barbara Zoo is no exception. Pack up the family and head out for a day trip to the zoo, and should any amount of boredom arise, the beach is just outside. The zoo is located just across the street from East Beach so if you’re not into sharing your lunch with whimsical spider monkeys, head on over for a picnic at the beach.

During the summer months, the zoo offers a day camp for children of all ages. They get to learn about the various wildlife species as well as make new friends, and the children even entertain the other guests at the zoo with their silly songs and dances. Become a zoo member and receive exclusive discounts and news about special events.