Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Perhaps you’re interested in learning a little bit more about how Santa Barbara came to be the place that it is today, or maybe you’re up for checking out the giant life-sized whale exhibit they have just outside the main entrance, or maybe you’re just really into butterflies; whatever the reason, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History has something to entertain you.

They constantly have new exhibits that are incredibly intriguing. In past years there’s been Grossology, the hands-on interactive bodily fluid information station and Consumer America, the art exhibit that displayed giant wall-sized photos of our countries garbage in a creative and informative light.

Aside from the exhibits that are only temporary, there are the ones that are permanent and always pleasant. Ones that teach adults and children alike about the native life of Santa Barbara. You must experience the cocoon hatchery where you can witness the butterfly chrysalis in various stages of metamorphosis.

Once you’ve seen everything there is to see at the Natural History Museum, head on over to the Santa Barbara Mission, which is right around the corner, and have a picnic in the rose gardens. Indulge in a lazy game of catch or some two hand touch football. Rocky Nook Park is also located across the street, which provides for a nice walk and all the fresh air you could need.