Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens

Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens

For a day of solitude plump with peace and serenity, head to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens. Your interest in plant life doesn’t even need to be genuine in order for you to have a magical experience there. The birds chatter in the nearby foliage and the silence of this place is certainly precious and appreciated.

Wander around the garden by yourself, or take a guided tour. There are self-guided theme tours that are offered upon request and they focus on both Garden History and the Oaks of California. Children ages 5-12 are welcome on these. There are also daily guided tours; both seasonal nature walks, and specialty tour series are available. All tours are included in admission so take advantage.

The gardens sit on over 40 acres and have about 5.5 miles worth of trails to explore so spend a whole day wandering or just a few moments, whichever you have time for. The living collections of California’s native flora provide for endless learning, appreciation, and enjoyment.

And if you enjoy hiking, the Jesusita Trail, complete with the Seven Falls Hike and Inspiration Point Hike (both great day hikes) are just down the road so feel free to adventure in that way as well. Great views and good times are always available in Santa Barbara.

As you drive up Mission Canyon to the Botanical Gardens, take some peeks at the interesting and very unique architecture of the homes along the way. There are some really cool ones! Sometimes they’re hard to spot due to the dense foliage but every once in awhile you’ll get a great glimpse of an incredible home.

Mission Canyon offers some great outdoor activities, what with the super exciting flora and fauna observation at the botanical gardens, the peeping Tom action of looking at cool houses, and then trudging up mountains on sandy hiking trails; there’s all sorts of adventure to be had in this majestic setting at the base of the Santa Barbara foothills.