Channel Island Excursion

Channel Island Excursion

Go sea-kayaking at the Channel Islands! With only a forty-minute boat ride to endure, this day trip is the cream of the crop. With awesome sea-cave kayaking, hiking, native wildlife viewing, and snorkeling opportunities, the Channel Islands are Santa Barbara’s off-shore playground.

You can set up a tour that includes everything you could possibly need for an epic adventure. Kayaking gear, wetsuits, a double kayak, boat transportation, knowledgeable guides, and kayaking lessons are all included in the price. Kayaking among the Channel Islands is pretty majestic. You’ll see some pretty incredible sights and get a wonderful workout at the same time. Oh, and a nice lifejacket tan.

Maybe you’re not into kayaking; well there are still plenty of epic opportunities for you. Take the quick little boat ride out and then spend the afternoon hiking. Or bird-watching. Or snorkeling. You will feel like you’re in another world as you enter that peaceful and exotic place.

So what are you waiting for, head on down to the Ventura Harbor for take off and enjoy a blissful day exploring the islands. Kayaking is quite the upper body workout so treat yourself to a nice seafood dinner once you arrive back on the mainland.